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    Should you trust Course hero with your assignments?
    Is Course hero Legit, Scam, Fake? |
    One look at the website of Coursehero and you will feel that their claim of being the best assignment help provider is valid. But the picture is very different.

    The brand’s website claims that it offers ‘dexterous assignment help’ to students of the USA, Australia, Canada and many more educational hubs around the globe. The banners on the website claim that theirexpert writers provide assignment help at the most reasonable prices. However, based on my experience, all I can say is coursehero is not safe and is nothing more than a scam?

    Read Course hero Reviews

    Hello, I am Janet. I am a college student, pursuing my graduation in Comparative Literature. While studying literature can be interesting, at time analysing pieces of art can be more demanding than is considered. Since I have to juggle work (I’m a certified yoga instructor) and academics side by side, there are times when I feel stressed with the pressure on me. So, when I had to write a research paper in the semester end, I did not want to take the risk. That’s when I thought of taking online assignment help from the website coursehero.

    Read Coursehero Reviews

    I was quite impressed by the website’s ratings and reviews. So, I asked their writers to work on my research paper and shared my university guidelines with them. I clearly stated that I would need the assignment after 3 days. Their writers assured me that they would deliver quality work within the deadline.

    Though I got my assignment delivered in 3 days, it was not the way I wanted. The assignment was not of good quality. I invested my time and money coursehero, and they only fooled me. I asked for a rework first, but they asked extra money for that. So, I requested a refund. They rejected that too but did not even bother to give me a reason for turning down my request. That’s when I understood that the coursehero is not reliable at all, and the promises are not real either.

    Do not rely on them for they will only give you unprofessional attitude in return and nothing more.

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    I would recommend that you as a student do your one job of reading whatever the book assignment is first, then if there’s still gaps in your comprehension – use it! It’s good for you guys to learn how to use your resources; this one is certainly legit, but promise yourself that you’ll not become reliant on it.

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