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    I am a kindergarten teacher in a rural, impoverished district. This year I have a student with Down Syndrome who is non-verbal and not potty trained. She can not eat alone, can’t do any of the academic tasks in kindergarten and needs constant assistance and supervision. She was placed in my room and wasn’t even given a one on one aide. I was given an “aide in the environment” who is supposed to help with centers and any student needs throughout the day. I have tried my absolute best to keep her engaged and entertained throughout the day with limited support.
    Not ONE person has said a word all year about how inappropriate this placement is for her.
    Today one of the special education teachers stopped me in the hallway to tell me that she’s concerned that the student doesn’t seem to be engaged in much whenever she comes to the classroom. Mind you, she doesn’t come every day and,, this week,the student hasn’t been getting pulled due to end of year testing. She asked if she could provide some activities for her and when I said, yes of course,she responded, oh good. Then I won’t email the principal.
    Today was the last straw! I am sitting on my porch at home crying. If I didn’t have just 3 years left to earn my health insurance in retirement, I’d quit.
    I am in such a dark place right now I actually had a moment where I thought, it’d be better to just be dead. I scared myself in actually contemplating this. The thing that keeps me going is my daughter. She is my best friend and the best human I know. I’m so glad she’s not in this God forsaken profession!

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