Jul 29

"Teacher shopping"


Edited: Jul 29

I am a long-term sub so I have to work over the summer to be paid. I took a single week off this summer to recuperate before school starts again. During the week, everything in my classroom was moved into the hallway so the carpets could get cleaned. Great! Only, when I came back today, I had so many things that magically disappeared! Half of a brand-new box of paper, over 200 Ticonderoga pencils (that were picked out of my bucket of pencils individually), centers, book bins, books, bulletin board supplies, my stapler/scissors/tape dispenser. You name it, it was not left alone. Being a long-term sub, I don't make a lot of money and it is going to take me many months to recuperate my losses from my "week-long recuperatation



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  • It amazes how so many schools in America have this concept of "social politics" taking over and running their schools. I can't do this because so and so is tight with so and so and if I say this or do that so and so will slander me to the department chair or God knows who else and then have it all come back to me. I really wish all this would stop.
  • Related Arts teachers, amirite?! Realizing each school is different and unique with their related arts teacher situations, let me just say, the situation at my school is pretty piss poor when it comes to time used wisely in their schedule. I teach in an elementary school with PE, art, music, guidance, library, and computer lab. All related arts teachers are certified teachers with the exception of the computer lab teacher. I added up the “free time” in each RA teacher’s schedule the other day and found that they each have 2 hours and 15 minutes EACH DAY. Now, I understand the library teacher and the guidance counselor. And even the computer lab teacher. But the other three. WTH are they doing with that time each week?! In addition to the 2 hours and 15 min each day, there are 3 days each week in each teacher’s schedule where they don’t have a full schedule and get an extra hour that day without kids! And then the millennial teachers want to talk about how they can’t do something because they don’t have time in their day. Meanwhile all the other gen ed and sped teachers are BUSTING it day in and day out. It’s taking all I have to bite my tongue on a daily basis. When I questioned admin on it, I was told that petty things like this are what hurt a school’s morale. Petty?! PETTY?!?! Ugh. Researching other possible job opportunities that pay me adequately for the work I do. I work in a state without unions.
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