Feb 16

Done with the day by 10 am


I teach middle school Family & Consumer Science. I was over my 8th graders this week, so it was book work day. Kids are working and chatting quietly (ish) when a boy said to a girl that he wanted to "peel her skin and eat it like bacon." After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I thought maybe guidance would be the best place for him (knowing 8th grade AP was out). 8th grade guidance was out, so I was told to send him to the office and he would be sent to the guidance director. When I told him to gather his things and go to the office, he literally began WAILING and crying. So I call the office to have someone escort him to guidance. Security guy comes down, kid continues to cry and refuses to leave. Security can't stay, as the other security guy is out (are you seeing a trend? lots of faculty absences today-we are off Monday, go figure) so he calls the principal to come down. Kid won't get up for principal either, so he says "I don't want to cause a scene by making him leave" WHAT THE F*CK?! The kid has been causing a scene for 10-15 minutes screaming a crying, but ok. Then he says "you only have about 15 minutes of class left, I'll grab him when he leaves." Whatever. Rest of the class is SHOCKED that the principal won't take the kid out. When the bell rings, he still won't leave (even with a kid kind of coaxing him along) so I had to keep my next class out so they wouldn't get to enjoy the drama while the admin ambles to my room with the speed of a sloth and takes the kid. Guidance and principal talk to him, he says he was just kidding and they basically tell him "ok, don't say it again."


OMG, when are we going to TEACH our kids how to behave appropriately?! So scared for our future.

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  • kabuck210
    Apr 24

    Follow up to teaching like Mary Poppins.... I stayed calm as i watched one of my 5th graders fling a book around and smack a student in the face. I sent him out, spoke calmly as he denied it all. Texted my principal and got this response ....
  • kabuck210
    Apr 22

    My principal asked to meet with me this morning (happy fu*^ing Monday!). He proceeded to lecture me about my tone with my students. He basically said if my students act up, it’s my fault because I haven’t set the expectations (It’s 5th Grade, i have set the expectations and they have been set since kindergarten!) If they are being disrespectful, it is my fault because I am disrespectful. He said I should teach more like Mary Poppins! And just sing and laugh it off! He then told me he just watched Mary Poppins Returns and noticed how she sang and was magical yet very stern with the kids and they listened! Ummm....hello! Someone should tell him it’s a movie! It’s. Not. Real. But here is me teaching like Mary....
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