Oct 29, 2018

Being observed by an admin who’s never had your job... who else finds this unfair?

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Because I’m over it.

Dec 8, 2018

I work with deaf kids who have other disabilities as well. Yeah....

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  • kabuck210
    5 hours ago

    Follow up to teaching like Mary Poppins.... I stayed calm as i watched one of my 5th graders fling a book around and smack a student in the face. I sent him out, spoke calmly as he denied it all. Texted my principal and got this response ....
  • kabuck210
    Apr 22

    My principal asked to meet with me this morning (happy fu*^ing Monday!). He proceeded to lecture me about my tone with my students. He basically said if my students act up, it’s my fault because I haven’t set the expectations (It’s 5th Grade, i have set the expectations and they have been set since kindergarten!) If they are being disrespectful, it is my fault because I am disrespectful. He said I should teach more like Mary Poppins! And just sing and laugh it off! He then told me he just watched Mary Poppins Returns and noticed how she sang and was magical yet very stern with the kids and they listened! Ummm....hello! Someone should tell him it’s a movie! It’s. Not. Real. But here is me teaching like Mary....
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